Domaine de Découverte de la Vallée d'Aulps

Temporary exhibition

Viewed variously as cure-alls, Machievellian and the stuff of witches, the plants that feature in this exhibition are not the medicinal varieties used by the monks to make people better; instead, this is an exploration of a very different kind, inspired by Elodie Balandras’s illustrated book of spells.
It’s said of some plants that they have magical properties. Often, they can be medicinal AND poisonous. A plant can heal us and protect us, it can also poison us, sometimes fatally. In Nature, having the ability to distinguish between the two requires a certain amount of (magical) know-how.
In human memory, we still retain a sense of these plants and their uses, which is a whole history in itself, which is how the idea came to us of telling the story of some of them. So, if you’re a floral friend, please join us as we leaf through the spells together. There’s sulphurous hemlock and toxic Belladonna – both witches’ favourites. We’ll also meet angel plant and sage which may help keep us safe!
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