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Domaine de Découverte de la Vallée d'Aulps

Augmented reality

To find the app : "Abbaye d'Aulps 3D"

In an historic first, now you can see the abbey in its entirety! Thanks to our app ABBAYE D’AULPS 3D, visitors can head back in time and explore the abbey as it was between the 16th and 18th centuries. This 3D, 360° immersive experience is possible at several points of interest (POI).
POI 1 Forecourt: see how the abbey estate evolved between the 16th and 18th centuries.
POI 2 The gardens: unlock the secrets of medicinal plants and the vegetable garden.
POI 3 The cloister: let yourself into the monks’ private quarters and gaze at the belltower as it once was.
POI 4 The church: as the monks sing, immerse yourself in the illuminating atmosphere of the different liturgical moments of the day and night. 
  • POI1_Parvis_3D
  • POI4_Abbatiale_Aulps3D
Each POI features audio commentary and images to help visitors understand the life of the abbey and its history.
The full augmented reality experience is possible thanks to a virtual reality mask, and also with a digital tablet, offering visitors the chance to see the abbey as it was and how it is now.
Visitors with a smartphone can download the app from Apple Store and Google play, and also at the Abbey itself once you arrive.
To find the app : "Abbaye d'Aulps 3D"