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Domaine de Découverte de la Vallée d'Aulps

Contemporary art center

Exhibition "Là où dansent les fantômes" (means "where ghosts are dancing") - from 15th december 2022 to 31st october 2023.
This new exhibition is due to the plastician artist Magdalena Lamri. From her workshop in Montreuil, she works with charcoal and paint with virtuosity. She introduces a serie of incredible drawns and paintings. Either chaos or magical hope, she travels between dream and reality, where drawn « non finito » makes sense.
And also in the cloister « Enclore » of Marie-Hélène Richard, realised in artistic residence in may. This ephemeral land'art work was created with hasel and takes the aspect of ribbed vaults. Nobody can enter inside of the center, excepted vegetation, birds, insects and other little animals who begin sacred symbols