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Domaine de Découverte de la Vallée d'Aulps

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TIDRU – "Behind the walls"
Exhibition from 20/12/2023 to 25/10/2024

The plastic artist TIDRU presents « Behind the walls » exhibition.

Tidru's singular ceramic figures may seem wise and introspective, but the drawings that cover them reveal what lies inside or behind the walls of the body and appearance.

[We can imagine a light that projects the story of the individual from the inside out, the drawings being in a way the resulting play of shadows"].


Sculptures in terracotta/engobe/mixed media and drawing (watercolour, coloured pencils, collage, etc.)

And also in the cloister « Enclore » of Marie-Hélène Richard, realised in artistic residence in may. This ephemeral land'art work was created with hasel and takes the aspect of ribbed vaults. Nobody can enter inside of the center, excepted vegetation, birds, insects and other little animals who begin sacred symbols