Domaine de Découverte de la Vallée d'Aulps

Large exhibition

The visit begins in the porch with the witnesses' room and a model reconstruction of the abbey's grounds. On the first floor, the permanent exhibition features 5 timeline displays that enable visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Saint Mary of the Alps Abbey.
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Part 1: Aulps Abbey - in the beginning

A timeline enables visitors to follow the abbey's development in line with events in the Savoy and France. There is also insight into the works and character of Saint Guerin - the abbey's famous second abbot and bishop of Sion.
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Part 2: How the monks worked together

Visitors can discover the answers to questions such as: what did the monks do? Who was the Abbot, the cellarer, the key holder and others, How was the religious community organised?
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Part 3: The Abbey and Savoy

This part of the exhibition uncovers gifts by noble families, IT points which trace the history of these bequests and give visitors the chance to see where the abbey had property, still visible today. A historical timeline illustrates the history of the Savoy, which enjoyed independence during the Middle Ages until it was annexed by France in 1860.
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Part 4: The Cistercian Order - Destruction of the Abbey

A short film retraces the life of a monk from his admittance to the abbey until his death. The most important tasks of the day are also recreated, enabling visitors to get a better understanding of the Cistercian Order, to which Aulps Abbey belonged.
The Abbey's brutal destruction is also revealed in the film.
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Part 5: Medicinal Plants from past times and today

For this last part of the tour, visitors are invited to explore the abbey's historical links with medicinal plants. A first area examines what the monks knew, the second shows which medicinal plants are still being used today, and uncovers their secret healing powers.