Domaine de Découverte de la Vallée d'Aulps

Precautionary health measures to prevent Covid-19 transmission

To protect you and our staff, we have put in place precautionary health measures also known as barrier gestures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

To do this, we undertake to :  
► Applying the directives and recommendations issued by the authorities with regard to combating Covid-19, in all public spaces, the shop and tearoom (tisanerie);

► Providing disinfecting products at each entrance and exit to the building and the estate;

► Putting in place floor markings and signposting to aid social distancing;

► Adapting the flow of guided tours to ensure social distancing (15 people maximum per tour); our guides are equipped with face visors;

► Adapting the events programme and workshops in line with health guidelines and government decisions;
► Encouraging payment by bank card and if possible contactless payment;

► Disinfecting the till and welcome desk systematically, together with the interactive information in the exhibitions;
► Requiring strict adherence to barrier gestures by our staff, partners and visitors. The welcome desk is fitted with a plexiglass screen and our welcome desk staff all wear a facemask;
► Ensuring that protocols are in place and respected in the event of a suspected case of Covid-19 infection.

We ask that you:
► Follow authorities’ directives and recommendations regarding how to combat Covid-19;
► Respect the recommended barrier gestures in place and follow the guidelines given by our staff;

► Be aware that the maximum number of people allowed into the estate (inside and out) is 120 people, and that you may have to wait at the entrance. If it rains, this number will be reduced to 60 visitors. Posters in gallery entrances indicate the room capacity in each space. Please be sure to respect these guidelines.
► Please note that we are unable to offer the usual visitors’ devices: virtual reality headsets and audio guides will not be available this summer, but we can offer use of a tablet with augmented reality. It is also suggested that visitors download our free app: "Abbaye d'Aulps 3D".
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